A vast num­ber of argu­ments speak for the use of poly­ure­tha­ne resin for pipe repairs. Whe­ther you are in need of a pipe reha­bi­lia­ti­on or want to offer the ser­vice to your cus­to­mers. We will pre­sent the advan­ta­ges our coa­ting sys­tem offers you in more detail below. You will find infor­ma­ti­on about the fol­lowing topics:

  • An effi­ci­ent and non-inva­si­ve method for pipe reha­bi­li­ta­ti­on which exceeds cur­rent standards
    • no-dig, no wall dama­ge and no res­to­ra­ti­ons needed
  • How your busi­ness bene­fits from using our machi­ne tech­no­lo­gy (Rab­bit­Coa­ter).
  • A short descrip­ti­on of our Poly­pipe Coa­ting Sys­tem with spray and brush technology.

effi­ci­ent pipe rehabilitation

with the Poly­pipe Coa­ting System

Our Poly­pipe Coa­ting Sys­tem offers your cus­to­mers a who­le ran­ge of bene­fits — no wall-dama­ge, no inter­fe­rence with the buil­ding struc­tures, low cos­ts and the dura­bi­li­ty of the coa­ting mate­ri­al. By buy­ing or lea­sing our machi­ne tech­no­lo­gy you are not only plea­sing your cus­to­mers but also yourself and your employees. If you have used other tech­no­lo­gies for pipe reha­bi­li­ta­ti­on you will appre­cia­te the bene­fits that make our coa­ting sys­tem effi­ci­ent and easy.

Your advan­ta­ge: You will be able to reha­bi­li­ta­te more than just down­pipes — our spray and brush tech­no­lo­gy makes it pos­si­ble to work in com­plex pipe runs.

You are new in the pipe reha­bi­li­ta­ti­on busi­ness? The Poly­pipe Coa­ting Sys­tem offers you an even broa­der basis. Espe­cial­ly cus­to­mers that can­not stop their ongo­ing busi­ness rely on our coa­ting sys­tem. You are also able to offer pre­ven­ta­ti­ve pipe reha­bi­li­ta­ti­ons for e.g. hotels, hos­pi­tals and indus­tri­al buil­dings to pre­vent dama­ges and inter­fe­ren­ces with their ongo­ing ope­ra­ti­ons — no tren­ching, no-dig, no wall-dama­ge  and no res­to­ra­ti­ons needed.

Expand your field of acti­vi­ty and cus­to­mer base:

no con­s­tric­tions

Sin­ce the mate­ri­al cures wit­hin 3 minu­tes even sud­den wet­ness does not cau­se mate­ri­al slip­pa­ge or constrictions. 


Our spray and brush tech­no­lo­gy allows the coa­ting pro­cess to be easi­ly and quick­ly adap­ted to the given cir­cum­s­tan­ces of the pipe run.

No fear of new challenges

Your employees will be trai­ned by our experts and after­wards sup­por­ted on con­struc­tion sites. We will make sure that ever­yo­ne is con­fi­dent in using the machi­ne tech­ni­que. Whenever you are in need of advice — we are just a pho­ne call away.

con­tract procurement

Whenever we hear from poten­ti­al cli­ents in your area, we will be hap­py to refer them to you. 


easy pipe reha­bi­li­ta­ti­on — step by step

1. Inspec­tion:

A TV inspec­tion of the pipes allows you to take a clo­se look at any dama­ge. The con­di­ti­on of the pipe is docu­men­ted and the cour­se of action is deci­ded based on this: If, for examp­le, the dama­ge detec­ted exceeds the size of one cen­ti­me­ter, the dama­ged area needs to be pre-repai­red (par­ti­al repair, e.g. short liner).

In case of a lar­ge num­ber of bends, our brush tech­no­lo­gy is sui­ta­ble for app­ly­ing the poly­ure­tha­ne resin sin­ce its brist­les can easi­ly adapt to bends. If the­re is dama­ge excee­ding one cen­ti­me­ter in size, the dama­ged area must be pre-repai­red by par­ti­al repair befo­re the pipe is reha­bi­li­ta­ted using the coa­ting method.

Wei­ter lesen
2. Cleanup:

Befo­re star­ting the coa­ting pro­cess the pipes need to be clea­ned and dried. This can usual­ly be done with the help of a clea­ning chain or grin­ding panels, which gent­ly but effi­ci­ent­ly remo­ve any dirt depo­sits. After a short inspec­tion, the pipe can be coated using the Poly­pipe Coa­ting Sys­tem.

3. Spray and brush tech­no­lo­gy:

Our coa­ting sys­tem offers you a spray and brush technology.

Spray­ing: Our spray head is used for strai­ght pipes with slight bends.  The air-dri­ven high-per­for­mance spray head dis­tri­bu­tes the resin pre­cise­ly and very fine to the insi­de of the pipe. This results in a very even app­li­ca­ti­on lay­er. The resin can also be spray­ed a few cen­ti­me­ters into branch pipes.

Brushing : The brush tech­ni­que is used for stron­ger and many con­se­cu­ti­ve bends or socket off­sets. The wider brist­les easi­ly adapt to the bends and cover the smal­lest not­ches. You can purcha­se our brushes for all com­mon pipe dia­me­ters (DN 40 — DN 200).

Expert advice: In many cases, a com­bi­na­ti­on of spray and brush tech­no­lo­gy offers the best results. You will learn from our experts how to use the Poly­pipe Coa­ting Sys­tem cor­rect­ly to recei­ve per­fect results.

Wei­ter lesen


easy and fast pipe rehabilitation

can easi­ly be used in con­fi­ned spaces

only 60 kg empty weight

rare refil­ling: 20 l resin tank

mate­ri­al hoses up to 21 m

inte­gra­ted hea­ting for mate­ri­al tanks

intui­ti­ve con­trol and docu­men­ta­ti­on via app

made in Germany



Posi­ti­on your busi­ness more broad­ly and attract new customers:

The Poly­pipe Rab­bit­Coa­ter auto­ma­ti­cal­ly expands your field of acti­vi­ty. Becau­se all owners who have to reha­bi­li­ta­te was­te­wa­ter pipes in lar­ge buil­dings and can­not jus­ti­fy a lon­ger inter­rup­ti­on in their ongo­ing busi­ness, e.g. hotel chains, hos­pi­tals and depart­ment stores or reti­re­ment homes, depend on you. Inno­va­ti­ve pipe coa­ting not only eli­mi­na­tes past dama­ge — pre­ven­ti­ve coa­ting also pre­vents future dama­ge. Accord­in­gly, you can also offer your cus­to­mers — or tho­se who are to beco­me your cus­to­mers — pre­ven­ti­ve mea­su­res.

With Poly­pipe Coa­ting Sys­tems, we spe­cia­li­ze in the pipe coa­ting pro­cess and offer any sup­port you may need. While other obso­le­te tech­ni­ques and machi­nes are cur­r­ent­ly being pha­sed out, losing sup­port and are no lon­ger sold, Poly­pipe Sales Com­pa­ny loo­ks to a pro­mi­sing future in a growth-ori­en­ted mar­ket. We are in con­stant exchan­ge with our cus­to­mers and are con­stant­ly deve­lo­ping our coa­ting technology.

Join us on our jour­ney of dis­co­very of a huge mar­ket potential.



  • RECRUITING: Working with our new and inno­va­ti­ve Poly­pipe Coa­ting Sys­tem, will moti­va­te poten­cial employees to join your team.  Even care­er-chan­gers and employees from other indus­tries will be able to learn how to work with our coa­ting tech­ni­que and join your tar­get group.
  • CUSTOMER ACQUISITION: Actively approach poten­ti­al cli­ents to offer the Poly­pipe Coa­ting Sys­tem as a solu­ti­on for pipe reha­bi­li­ta­ti­on. You can also offer pre­ven­ti­ve coa­ting to pre­vent future pipe damage.
  • TIME SAVING: By using our Poly­pipe Coa­ting Sys­tem you will save time with each pro­ject. Thus you will be able to take on more and big­ger projects. 
  • LOW COSTS: Our machi­ne tech­no­lo­gy for pipe reha­bi­li­ta­ti­on is easi­ly maintained.
  • PREDICTABILITY: Unpre­dic­ta­ble fac­tors such as cables or sup­ply lines are eli­mi­na­ted during new installation.
  • LESS PAPERWORK: Thanks to the pre­dic­ta­bi­li­ty your pri­ces are set – to your advan­ta­ge and your customers.
  • INDEPENDENCE: You and your team are able to work self-suf­fi­ci­ent­ly with our coa­ting sys­tem. Which makes you inde­pen­dent from other businesses.
  • LARGE VARIETY: You have a great­ly expan­ded offe­ring, a lar­ger tar­get group, and ope­ra­te more effi­ci­ent­ly and secu­re­ly. What more do you want?
  • TEAMWORK: Lar­ge pro­jects can be accep­ted without any restric­tions. You can work lar­ger pro­jects with col­leagues and part­ner com­pa­nies who also work with the Poly­pipe Coa­ting Sys­tem — a win-win situation.


Help/ sup­port:

We offer sup­port and help from our experts — by buy­ing or lea­sing our machi­ne tech­no­lo­gy you will get trai­ning and sup­port for your employees.

Easy mar­ke­ting:

We sup­port you with indi­vi­du­al sales and mar­ke­ting mate­ri­al and pro­vi­de you with the design to per­so­na­li­ze the machi­ne tech­ni­que and your vehicles.